Ride the comet

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Jorn Lande Find your way home, little extremophiles
Floor Jansen Fly, beloved sons
Tom Englund Find your way home, donors of life
Floor Jansen Fly, my chosen ones
Jonas P. Renkse You're on your own, little extremophiles
Floor Jansen Ride your frozen ark
Bob Catley You're on your own, cleaving the skies
Floor Jansen Ride into the dark

Magali Luyten
Carry out our dangerous task, sail uncharted spheres
Live out our dreams, ride the comet
Journey on the Migrator trail, cross the new frontiers
Pass on our genes, ride the comet

Jorn Lande You are the future, little extremophiles
Floor Jansen Fly towards the sun
Tom Englund You are the future, you know what to do
Floor Jansen Fly, it has begun

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