People in love

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A baby's born I the middle of the night
In a local delivery room
They grab his feet, smack'em till he cries
He goes home the next afternoon
'Fore you know it he's off to school
And then he graduates in May
Goes out and gets a Ph.D., then cures all sorts of things
Wins a Nobel Prize and saves a million different lives
The worlds a better place for all he's done
It's funny when you think about the reason he's alive
It's all because two people fell in love

Right now at a picnic shelter down by Caney Creek
You'll find potato salad, hot dogs and baked beans
The whole Wilson family's lined up, fillin' their paper plates
They've drove or flown in hear from fifteen different states
Well Stanley Wilson says that sixty years ago he knew
That Miss Emma Tucker was the one
Now five generations get together every June
All because two people fell in love

Yea there ain't nothin' not affected
When two hearts get connected
All that is, will be, or ever was
Every single choice we make
Every breath we get to take
Is all because two people fell in love

Well, I recall a young man who was
driftin' aimlessly
And a young waitress who seemed
lonesome as can be
But in a little caf

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