Hot iron нижний пресс

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Did you ever truck your booty on a big-block? Gotta do it now
Or did you ever truck in a duded-up diesel? You gotta do it now

Its the hour of Bullpower
I can go-go over rocks I roll
Im born ready, steady, I go for Bullpower
rough, tough, cool the Bullpower Rule.

Did you ever truck your heavy load off-road? You can do it now
And did you ever truck over sticks and stones, brother, you gotta do it now

In my heart, in my soul theres Bullpower
in my veins I can feel raw Bullpower
from my heel to the wheel theres Bullpower, Oh Yeah

Did you ever feel, did you ever get the real deal? You can have it now
Son, from the day I was born, I had the bull by the horns and Im gonna show you now


the Bullpower Rule, the Bullpower Rule, the Bullpower Rule

Видео Смотреть HOT IRON 6 (нижний пресс) The Bosshoss - Bullpower

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