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(Verse 1 - Hustle)
Talked about it all week, baby
I'm tired and my voice is getting lazy
Knot it up, keep it down, lady
Before we have to do it all over again

Say you never sleep on Sundays
Say the Lord knows no stranger
Working on a never seen runaway
Be my heaven and I'll be your danger

(PreChorus - Hill)
Hey Mama, I'm gone
Can't catch a never seen runaway
Tell Papa, his son
Turned out to be a never seen runaway

(Chorus - Hill)
Heartbreak Alley
Ripping out the stitches get 'em outta my way
Heartbreak's got me
Breaking down the past instead of building today
Heartbreak alley
Just get 'em outta my way
Heartbreak's got me
Today, today, today

(Verse 2 - Hustle)
You make a circle like a straight line
And bullet points like new dimes
Say I'm selfish never make time
well shut the door and do it over again

Said he doesn't love you the wrong way
And he don't got a problem with anger
But he's got a problem coming his way
Give me a reason and I'll be your danger

(PreChorus - Hill)

(Chorus - Hill)

(Bridge - Hill)
You've got me feeling on the outside
Got me running down the backstreets of my mind
You've got me feeling on the outside
Wondering, tangled up in vines

(Chorus - Hill)

Видео Смотреть Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard - Never Seen Runaway - Official Music Video

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