Rhythm of the rain rhythm of the rain

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Thee Tom Hardy V1
Lets blaze, what a way to escape
Whats a way for you to waste away your days of mistakes?
Eyes glossy, glazed-over like, donuts and cakes
Youre happy with somebody so you wish and hope that its fate
But what if its fake? Hell of a scam, the whole time
All for the pie, you know, key lime
If it all ended today, at least you tried
It was a nice ride, time to go inside
Yourself and take a look at the person and how its hurtin
like how could somebody love you for years and then desert ya
Whats the whole purpose? Experience of learnin?
Exterior is strong but inside youre certainly burnin
Take two of these thats the remedy for anything
You could be happy or else, at least pretend to be
Own biggest enemy, killin self slow
They tell you hold on loose but never let go

Tunji V2
I still remember the first time I realized that life wasnt picture perfect
My father packing up his things to leave his kids deserted
The rain reflecting off the windows as it hit the surface
I wonder if he thinks the shit was worth it
As I sit here and write another one
Puffin on another blunt
Zonin til my buzz is done
Proud to be my mothers son
See, she taught me to always be calm and pensive
And live my life without ever regrettin mistakes and consequences
My strongest lessons as a young fella
You see Ive done hella runnin through the rain with no umbrella
But no complainin it just forced us to become better
Wintertime one sweater
Dinnertime crumbs fed us
I sit and think about the wisdom that Ive gained
Reminiscin as I listen to the rhythm of the rain
Im driven and persistent with my vision and my aim
If I did it all again I would live this all the same

Kno V3
Im storm chasin
And shes an F-5 with a sex drive thatll leave me tied to her bedside
Hurricane hips, stoppin all progression
Serotonin levels drop, tropical depression
She is my professor and Ive been taught a lesson
That in the eye of the storm the pressures barometric
She knows Im wary of her gameplan
But when she gambles she can count on me
Im her Rain Man
Damn shame man, the fly stewardess
Mental turbulence, head off in the cumulus
Blamin the weather or whatever for her moodiness
My main star but Im barely on her radar
And so my heart sinks or the pain floats
Im in a shitstorm, shoulda wore a raincoat
The clouds break and I can tell its over
Cus shes my sunshine but Im catchin melanoma.

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