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O gloriosissimi lux vivens angeli,
qui infra divinitatem divinos oculos
cum mistica obscuritate omnis creature aspicitis
in ardentibus desideriis, unde numquam
potestis saciari
O quam gloriosa gaudia illa
vestra habet forma,
que in vobis est intacta
ab omni pravo opere,
quod primum ortum est
in vestro socio, perdito angelo,
qui volare voluit supra intus
latens pinnaculum Dei,
unde ipse tortuosus
dimersus est in ruinam,
sed ipsius instrumenta casus consiliando
focture digiti Dei instituit.

O most glorious light, living angels
who look on the Divine eyes
with the mystic darkness of every creature,
you gaze with ardent desire, and can never
be satiated.
O how glorious are the joys
which your form contains,
which is untouched
by all evil work
which arose from your companion,
the lost angel,
him who wanted to fly
above the hidden pinnacle of God,
so that he fell jaggedly
into ruin,
but this same fall created means for the work
of God's finger in His wisdom.

Видео Смотреть "Project Ars Nova" - "O gloriosissimi lux" (antiphon, Hildegard von Bingen - 1098-1179)

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